DIY Anechoic chamber

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I am now a couple of weeks into the build and pretty happy. Lighting and ventlation are next issues facing me and have a few ideas to run with.

I have sat in there for a while and its very dark. There is no difference between having eyes open and eyes shut and absolutly no sense of depth due to no reference.



My attempt at building an anechoic chamber to experience sensory deprivation for the purpose of lucid awareness and conscious dreaming

The chamber will have an internal volume of approx 10m3

I will post images in a set with some comment - a very rough way to put up a site but will show progress and if I leave this up I will change at some time

Image 1

Start with a nice wall and an attic space behind. Mark a doorway and drill some holes


Image 2

Cut yourself a hole in the wall - this is not finished size but just access between two studs

Image 3

LOL - bit blurred. I put in a second floor about the first one to give a depth of 200 mm and have two layers of insulating batts in this space

Image 4

I capped this floor with 12mm plywood and still have the other half to do

Image 5

This is the back wall. There is a void behind around 1meter in diameter and 2.8 meters long for airflow. This wall is a sheet of ply and will be lined with two lawyers of noise proof batts

Image 6

End of above wall showing the gap for air to come around from the space behind and surround the internal chamber

Image 7

This is the rafters above. There is a metal roof on the other side so I first put in some batons and used scrap ply to put in a false ceiling just below the main roof

image 8

I used rubber mounted spacers to put up the ceiling batons

Image 9

Next I squeezed in 2 layers of sound proof batts in the ceiling space

Image 10

One of the end walls with a double layer of insulation

Image 11

Rubber blocks to hold the framing of the internal chamber and isolate it from noise

Image 12

The 150 mm timber sub frame on the rubber base isolators

Image 13

The timber frame in place

Plenty more to come and will sort into pages soon to make it easier to see each stage