Home Stage 2


I cut the door opening to the correct size. Its big enough to get a decent chair through



After cutting some old freezer doors up I used put the jams in place and then used a second set as part of the new door.

You can see them here held in place with some scraps of wood to get the door size correct. Its the easiest way to do it, no measuring just fitting and you cant get it wrong.



Next up I have fitted the inside skin on the door. I used 3mm custom wood for this and have put the door back in the gap to make sure that it still fits and has a bit of space to open and close


I now have the bracing in for the hinges, all the soundproof insulating in and about to glue and nail the outside skin on.

I will use 6mm custom wood for this to add a bit more strength to the door


Door in place and hinges nailed for now to check fitting. Its a pretty good job and seals ok.